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"The college application process seems daunting. It is a stressful time, especially for perfectionists. I wanted all of my activities, achievements, and leadership roles to be represented well, and Dr. Shipley was able to help achieve that."

- Elise, enrolled at Vanderbilt University



“The greatest impact, I felt, was all the work we did on my resumé.  You helped me organize it in a professional way and it actually made my accomplishments look impressive.”

- Glade, Duke University graduate


“We needed help with the Common App.  It was not clear how to get all of our son’s activities and merits into such a generic format.” … “Terrie is knowledgeable beyond what a parent can achieve.  She is positive, realistic and very bright.  We feel so lucky she is in Tulsa.  We plan to hire her for our younger son.”

- Nancy, Glade's mother


"Dr. Shipley helped me narrow down schools that were best suited to my goals, personality and academic record. And she was also a big help with the college application essay."

- Josie, enrolled at Colorado State University

"I could just text her or call her and she would respond with a much appreciated and thoughtful answer."

- Tori, enrolled at Rice University 

“I wanted to make sure my applications were polished and the best possible representation of myself as an applicant.  The glowing recommendations from friends who had used Dr. Shipley make my choice easy.” … “Ensuring that you have the best possible chance during the admissions process is an investment in your future, and her services are invaluable.”

- Marley, University of Pennsylvania graduate

"The most helpful aspect would be a link to someone who could answer any questions that I had at any time of the college process. This was definitely most helpful because I had many, many questions."

- Ava, enrolled at Emory University

“Terrie was so helpful in getting Tony to focus on the schools that he had an interest in and ultimately getting in the school that fits him best.”

- Judy, mother of Colorado State University graduate

"The most helpful part of your services was knowing that I had underestimated what I was capable of in applying to colleges and being shown what I was capable of. I never would have considered WashU or most of your recommendations within my capabilities nor would my family."

 - Regan, enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis

“I think the help with the résumé and having someone look over each document was so important.” … “After the fact, I realized how important the small things were.  For example, putting things in a certain order, formatting something in a certain way, small grammar mistakes…”

- Madeline, Rhodes College graduate


“She really can walk the kids through a very difficult process, especially for a top tier school.” … “She was a great help to my friend’s daughter, and she got in to NYU.”​

- Debbie, Madeline's mother



"Working with Dr. Shipley made the entirety of the college search process much more manageable and less stressful. It was clear from working with her that she was passionate about finding me the best college environment. With her help, I was admitted to the Class of 2020 at University of Puget Sound—which was the best choice for me." 

- Ellis, recent graduate

"One of the most valuable aspects of working with you is that you have knowledge of all the universities and colleges in the US... I would also add that you were quite helpful when Ellis decided he wanted to do early admission and Thomas and I did not have a clue if this was a good decision."

- Mary Ann, Ellis' mother

“Applying to college can be a tough time for parents and students. 


This helped us navigate the process with less stress.”

Carol, parent of Loyola University graduate

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